Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar




Pan India


750 Villages


Document the cultural identity at village level and enrich India’s grassroots to bring traditional values of each village onto a unified platform for people to explore and experience with just one click. With the final aim of boosting tourism at rural level in India, the plan is to showcase the unexplored villages of our country and highlight their uniqueness and cultural values.


We have developed Mera Gaon Meri Dharohar Virtual Museum & Digital Content Sharing Platform (Web, android, iOS, Android TV and Apple TV) which serves as a one stop solution for visitors to get primary information about any local place of their interest. The platform showcases in depth information about the people, history, stories, traditions and cultures of more that 750 villages to help visitors gain abundant information about these rural gems and spark interest to visit the remote locations. The platform also offers the village locals an opportunity to share geographies, visuals and stories promoting cultural/ historical aspects of their villages to ultimately develop a virtual museum of sorts for each village.

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