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Audio Guide

Audio guides are curated guided tours empowered with an indoor positioning system and content management system that provides a seamless experience to the visitors in terms of audio assistance and user convenience. Audio guides help curate a more enriching experience by providing multi sensory custom guided tours to visitors and assists them with detailed information about work, object or location they are viewing. 

Multi-Linguistic with 21 Language 

Immersive Audio

Real-Time Navigation 

Audio-Sync With Exhibit

Customize Tours/De-Tours

Directional Guidance Through AV

Museum Management Software

A custom build software designed keeping in mind the need of Content Management at digital museums and galleries. Museum Management Software enables you to easily create, edit and deliver content. It is a user friendly interface with features such as text usability, WSIWYG functionality, design flexibility & customization, search & indexing functions, content storage & accessibility, templates, version controls, scheduling & reminder features, along with work flow reporting, content organization and In-context help and documentation. 

IOT Connected With All Displays

Control All Museum Exhibits From One Tablet

Supports Multi-Language Data

Update Content With No Hassle

Enables Start/ Stop/ Rewind/ Forward Of All AVs

Real-Time Health Status Of All Hardware

Projection Mapping

A unique way of story telling, where projection techniques are used to turn unconventional surfaces into display surfaces for visual content. Projection mapping shows are a perfect blend of technology and art that showcase immersive content on complex structures such as Forts, Industrial buildings, theatrical stages and small indoor object. 

Smart Solutions & E-Governance

Data driven edutainment and infotainment solutions that aim towards increasing efficiency of Government bodies and convenience for citizens in smart cities. These services help build an integrated network that assists government and citizens in making smart decisions and stay informed.

Digital & Virtual Museum

Digital museums are a phygital identity that helps compliment, enhance and augment any museum experience by adding personalization, interactivity and immersiveness to the content. Virtual Museums can work as the digital footprint of a physical museum and be an extension or act independently as completely Virtual Platforms. These museums are an engaging, immersive, design centric, technology led experiences that create heightened awareness of the exhibits and makes the overall museum experience memorable.

Software, Web and App Development

Efficient custom solutions made from scratch ensuring that your ideas and requirements turn into actionable proposition addressing niche challenges. With a team of highly skilled professionals we specialize in the fields of E-Governance Platform, Web & Mobile App Development, etc..  

Event Technology

We offer an array of experiential technologies that help create brand centric engagements for events, activations and more.

Holographic Displays

Interactive Projection

Interactive Touch Screen

Artificial Intelligence

Augment Reality Solutions

Virtual Reality Services

Mixed Reality

Leap Motion And Kinect

Kinetic Displays

Custom Display Solutions

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